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Air Hose Reel

Bright Industries is the best air hose reel supplier in Mumbai, India. The products are known for their amazing features. Some are as follows:

· Suitable & easy to install on walls, floors, vehicles & Ceiling

· Closed Type Air Hose Reel with high quality and compact design.

· Easy to install by 1 person/1self due to its lightweight

· Suitable for a wide range of uses. (Optional 180º Swivel bracket for left and right Rotation)

· Excellent durability installs with strong and high-quality coil spring

· Special spring made of SS, Moulded & metallic ratchet.

· Multi-position lock ratchet mechanism secures hose at the desired length.

· Colour: Powder Coating as STD -Colour.


· This Closed Model hose reel is designed to be used in those industries that due to environmental conditions, and technical reasons require closed hose reel application.

· With the Spring Rewind hose reel, hose rewinding is quick and safe, for a clean workplace. This protects against wear and possible damage to the hoses.

· User will be able to work in a clean and tidy place with all safety.

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Diesel Hose Reel

Bright Industries is a reliable and trusted Diesel Hose Reel manufacturer in Mumbai, India. The hose reel of our company is designed for oil dispensing systems in Diesel tanker, garage and workshop environments. The Bright open Diesel reels also benefit from adjustable arm brackets to allow for easy positioning and a hose stop for locking the hose at the desired length.

Available with a choice of hose lengths or bare should the user wish to add their specified hose, the Bright retractable oil hose reel is suitable for a range of requirements.

Features of the Bright Open Auto Rewind Hose Reel:

· Sturdy steel structure.

· Automatic spring rewind Diesel Hose Reel.

· Ratchet to prevent lock up when the hose is extended.

· Hose stops for locking at a chosen length.

· 4-way Rollers to facilitate smooth unrolling.

· Adjustable arm brackets for easy positioning.

· Supplied bare or with different hose lengths.

All the products of our company are tested at every stage by our experts to ensure that it works fine and doesn’t have any flaw in it.


Static Discharge Grounding Reel

Bright Industries is known as the best static discharge grounding reel in Mumbai. We are known all around the country for our products and services.

Bright Industries has been producing static grounding reels, also known as static discharge reels, for over years. Our reels are used all over the world for grounding and bonding industrial, commercial and military equipment to many customers in the fuel transportation and aircraft refuelling industries, we meet exacting specifications in critical applications where the discharge of static electricity could cause a spark and subsequent explosion.

Static discharge reels are an alternative solution to using a spiral cable. They are normally specified for locations where there is a preference for ensuring process operators stow grounding clamps correctly for good “housekeeping” purposes when the clamps are not in use.

Bright Industries reels are built for reliable performance and can be used when combustible materials are transferred between rail to rail, rail to truck, truck to tank, etc. These static grounding reels are ideal for use in ground support for aircraft, bulk powder transfer stations, terminals and refineries.

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Oil Hose Reel

Your search for the best oil hose reel manufacturer is over with us. Our company Bright Industries is the right choice.

We manufacture hose reels, our Heavy-Duty Series and High Flow units for service and fleet applications. Plus, we have all the reel cabinets, lubrication stations and related accessories you need.

We have years of experience and engineering refinement means better performance. Bright Industries best value is exemplified in our Heavy-duty Series reels. Whether you need a low, medium or high-pressure rating, for grease, oil or air and water, Bright Industries offers a standard reel to fit the application. Our toughest, long-life reels, the HD Series provide reliable operation in the most demanding conditions.

These industrial-strength hose reels are designed for applications that require high product flow and/or longer hose length. Models are available to work with hose lengths up to 30M. Ideal for service trucks, transit facilities and large fleet shops. Fuel Reel Assemblies with super-duty reels in complete assemblies with hose and nozzle are also available.


Grease Hose Reel

Bright Industries Hose Reels are the ideal small capacity reel for all Oil, Grease and Water applications. This rugged construction of a reel of industrial quality is designed for safety, convenience and productivity. Contemporary engineering and manufacturing techniques guarantee, trouble-free performance and long product life.


• Full flow shaft and swivel assure maximum fluid delivery.

• Bended drive springs give smooth automatic hose retrieval.

• Multi-position guide arms permit wall, floor, ceiling, and under the bench mounting.

• Pos-I-Latch will maintain the desired working length of the hose. Our mechanism assures a positive latch or unlatches of the hose.

• Adjustable hose bumpers allow any desired length of hose to be maintained outside the reel.

• Standard reel finish is red & blue durable, abrasion resistant, baked on powder coat finish.


· Workshops, Garages

· Industrial

· Petrol Pumps

· Aircraft Maintenance

· Automotive Service Centres

Choose to deal with us and order our products. We are the best grease hose reel supplier in India that provides you with a wide range of products at an affordable price.


Water Hose Reel

If you are looking for water hose reel manufacturers, you are in the right place. Our company Bright Industries is the right choice.

Water Hose reels are also helpful for more heavy-duty, industrial applications such as equipment cleaning and pressure washing. Water hose reels are beneficial for use in many industries because they are a simple, safe and effective way of storing, delivering and retrieving hoses for any purpose that must provide water.

The main purpose of water hose reels is to keep hoses neat when not in use and kink-free when they are being used. Water hoses that are left lying out are a tripping hazard to employees and customers in the workplace; and even a danger to children, animals and lawnmowers in residential settings. However, water hose reels prevent these dangers and also protect hoses from the heat of the sun, which can cause them to crack.

When it comes to specific design features, our water hose reels feature a side-mounted handle for winding and unwinding by hand. However, others utilize electric, spring, or air (pneumatic) power to unwind and wind the hosing with minimal effort. A motor powers the retraction mechanism in electric and pneumatic hose reels.

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Gas Hose Reel

Bright Industries gas hose reel is used at work sites where the movable container of oxygen, LPG, Acetylene, etc are being handled & can load any kinds of the above-listed gas container also designed to never be fallen, Leak-proof even on the maximum pressure (15kg/ cm) and on the lowest pressure also convenient to handle the gas hose.

Started with an aim to provide maximum satisfaction to our customers through the manufacturing, supplying and exporting best quality oxygen acetylene hose reel. We are the leading industry for oxygen acetylene hose reel manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Due to our vast experience in the industry, we became India's best manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. We have supplied our oxygen acetylene hose reel in various cities and states of India.


Includes 1/4 inch X 50 ft. Grade T" twin hose for use with all fuel gases.

Industrial grade steel reel

Leak-proof double O-ring seals

Four direction non-snag rollers

Multiple mounting positions

Whip and hose stop

Choose us and get our products as we are the best Gas Hose Reel supplier.


Electric Cable Reel

Are you looking for an electric cable Reel manufacturer? You are in the right place. Our company Bright Industries has been in this market for years and has gained much popularity among the market for these products.

We ensure your cords are within arms reach, but out of the way. By minimizing the hazards of dangling electric cords, these reels improve safety, convenience and productivity.

Bright Industries cable reels to handle live electric cable/cord via a silver alloy slip ring. Compact, Ultralight for critical space requirements.

Stainless latch parts are available as a standard option. All of our products can be customized with stainless steel. We also accept non-standard customization.

Our Capabilities

Ultra-high pressure and high current, the highest pressure of gas and liquid up to 80-100MPA. Taking advantage of the National New Energy Policy, the maximum current of the DC charging reel can reach 500A.

Super-long. Spring-driven reels can handle hoses or cables up to 50 meters.

Engineering reciprocation. One of the few domestic manufacturers that can produce reciprocating hose reels and multi-line hydraulic reels.

Smart reels with intelligent functions. Limit, feedback, measurement, remote control, APP control, adaptive control and other functions are used in our reel.


ARC Welding Reel

Bright Industries is the best ARC Welding Reel Supplier. We offer professional grade Arc Welding Reel in spring driven, hand crank, or motorized retraction methods that can handle varying lengths of cable from standard lengths to high capacity depending on the cable required.

Bright arc welding reels are the perfect solution to increase efficiency at the worksite by keeping cable off the ground and tidy, which drastically decreases tripping hazards. You will also extend the life of your cables by preventing premature wear and increase ease of use by keeping your welding electrode accessible, to be pulled out on the fly.

Ensure protection of your expensive welding equipment by having a solid grounding solution that enhances ease of use, thanks to our reels; which, by the way, are easily mountable in shops, trucks or trailers, or on portable welding cart units.


· Reels are all steel construction and compact design

· Quick connection to your welder.

· Declutching arbour is provided to prevent damage from reverse winding.

· Sturdy Structure & Reduced Pressure Loss

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Sheet Metal Spring Balancer

Bright Industries is the best Customized Hose Reel Supplier. The Bright customized Hose Reel is specifically designed for use in Chemical Company and Industrial Automation applications.

Chemical companies and Industrial Automation often require Hose Reels with a long length of hose that they can pull out to dispense the fluid at multiple bays around the workshop. Our range of Hose Reels has recently expanded to include more models from Bright Industries and includes open and enclosed reels in a variety of different lengths and with or without hose.

We also offer high-capacity oil hose reels for applications where a longer length of hose is required. These are usually designed to be floor mounted rather than wall due to their weight and strength.

Features of the Bright Auto Rewind Hose Reel:

Automatic Auto rewind hose reel

Steel structure with a corrosion-resistant finish

Richet to prevent lock up when the hose is extended

Hose stops for locking at a chosen length

Adjustable arm brackets for easy positioning

Supplied bare or with different hose lengths

Rollers to facilitate smooth unrolling.


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